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Diseases that cause alopecia
Alopecia or hair loss is a major cause of emotional pain and social embarrassment. Hair loss is especially common in men above 50 years of age. Even women and children are not immune to alopecia.

Different factors come into play that can cause the onset of alopecia. Improper diet, poor hair grooming conditions or various hair loss diseases are some of the common factors causing Alopecia. However, the hair loss can be cured with proper care.

The common diseases that cause alopecia include telogen effluvium or anagen effluvium. Both these effluviums are reversible to a large extent. Once the triggering causes are removed, these hair loss problems gradually subside. Anagen effluvium is caused by strong cancer therapies and treatments. Once the treatment courses are completed, hair resume its normal growth. In some cases, telogen effluvium is chronic and can cause severe thinning of hair. Proper diagnosis and regular medications will help you prevent hair loss.

Alopecia areata is a more severe variant of the diseases that cause alopecia. It not only affects the scalp but also other hair growing areas of the body. Research studies are still going on to understand the underlying causes of this hair disease. There are no sure fire cure for alopecia areata, treatments results are usually partial and the degree of success varies from case to case. Milder cases may show positive results while severe cases may not respond to treatment and progress to extensive baldness.

Another variation of hair loss disease that causes alopecia and leads to patchy baldness is Scarring alopecia. It is often irreversible and forms deep scarring in the patchy bald areas. The roots of the disease are unknown but it can be of different types as far as the mechanism of the disease is concerned. Also, there are effective oral treatments for various types of scarring, but for positive results proper diagnosis and identification of the disease type is necessary.

The scars and patchy baldness are the most discouraging aspects of the disease that causes scarring alopecia. It affects the mental and social status of the person. In severe cases when no other therapies, treatments and medications work, the only way to camouflage the hair loss is with wigs or hair transplants once the hair loss disease has burnt out.

Hair loss is stressful at any age. But with the use of the correct hair care products and hair dressing tips we can certainly minimize the causes of hair loss.

It is necessary that, as soon as you notice an abnormal rate of hair loss, you visit a dermatologist. With the right diagnostic procedures they can easily identify the underlying disease that causes alopecia or hair loss. The appropriate hair loss control treatment can then be started accordingly.

So take the right steps and remain proud about your crowning glory!

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